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I'm Aimee and I'm so glad you're here!

Aimee Spencer, MPAS, PA-C, AFMP, FND-P. Board certified Physician Assistant,  Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Brain Health Professional, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and owner of Koseli Health Collective. 


About Me

Aimee Spencer is a board certified Physician Assistant, Functional Medicine specialist and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) practitioner, offering holistic medical care based on Functional and Integrative Medicine to help patients heal their imbalances.  


Aimee has worked in different arenas of medicine including integrative family practice, emergency medicine, urgent care, pediatrics as well as subspecialty in gynecologic oncology but found her passion and home in functional medicine.  


She opted out of the broken healthcare system because she believes health is not one size fits all and because she believes the human body is interconnected and brilliant.  She believes in the body’s wisdom and innate healing intelligence.  By getting to the roots of chronic illness and dis-ease, she acts as a guide toward healing from within.


Aimee specializes in Functional Medicine for all types of disorders, treating the body as a whole, but she focuses on Integrative Psychiatry, women’s health and hormones,  and digestive disorders.  She takes a comprehensive, holistic and individualized approach when working with her patients, getting to underlying core issues such as inflammation, methylation problems, nutritional imbalances, gut and hormone imbalances,  food allergies, toxin exposures, and sleep and lifestyle patterns that impact mood, energy, and ability to show up and live life fully!


She is a graduate of Women's Integrative and Functional Medicine with Dr. Aviva Romm,  a certified Amen Brain Health Professional,  a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner,  and has completed advanced Functional Medicine training with  Dr. Aviva Romm,  Dr. Datis  Kharrazian through The Kharrazian Institute, Institute for Functional Medicine, and the Functional Medicine Academy. 


She is also passionate about the transformative power of psychedelic therapies to treat mental health disorders.  She has completed Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training through The Pearl Psychedelic Institute as well as Polaris Insight Center Medical Module for Ketamine Therapy and has been a board member for The Pearl Psychedelic Institute.  She also teaches with The Pearl Institute. 


Being able to live out her dream while applying years of study and experience to helping others become their most healthy is Aimee's dharma. An aspect of her vision is being able to meet clients, sharing space and the connections of heart to heart wholeness, and helping others on their journey while honoring mind, body and soul.  


In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons outdoors–hiking, climbing, traveling and reveling in all Mother Nature has to offer.  She loves deep and meaningful connections, whether chatting fireside or exploring the inner landscapes while in the out of doors (or elsewhere!)

  • 2011, Touro University, NV, Master's Physician Assistant Studies

  • 2002-2005, University of Utah, B.S. Environmental Studies

Certifications and Advanced Training:
  • National Commission of Certifications for Physician Assistants, certified since 2011

  • Graduate, Dr. Aviva Romm's Women's Integrative and Functional Medicine Training Program

  • Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

  • Certified Brain Health Professional, Amen Clinics

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, Institute for Functional Medicine

  • ​Advanced Hormone Model Re-establishing Hormonal Balance in the Hypothalamic, Pituitary, Adrenal, Thyroid, and Gonadal Axis, Institute for Functional Medicine 

  • Psychiatry Redefined:

    • Integrative Medicine for Anxiety

    • Integrative Medicine for ADHD

    • Integrative Medicine for Depression

  • The Kharrazian Institute Advanced Training: 

    • Hormones Through the Lifespan

    • Chronic Infections Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications

    • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications

    • Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications

    • Chronic Fatigue and Pain Syndromes

    • Cognitive Decline and Dementia

    • Infertility and Maternal Health

    • Diabetes and Dysglycemia

    • Autoimmunity

    • Gastrointestinal

    • Neuroinflammation

  • 3x4 Genetics trained provider

  • Functional Medicine Academy, currently enrolled


My hope for you is to return to wholeness: mind, body and spirit so you can share your unique gifts with the world. 

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