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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

No, I work for you and not the insurance companies.  I do not accept insurance and am not a participating provider for any insurance company including Medicare and Medicaid. I can provide an itemized receipt with every visit which can be sent to your private insurance company for out-of-network benefits (not Medicare or Medicaid); however, Koseli Health is not responsible for non-payment by your insurance company. You are responsible for obtaining the correct claim forms and completing them correctly so that any reimbursement is promptly processed.

My services normally qualify for HSA reimbursement, can be paid with an HSA debit card and are also often reimbursable by many health share plans.  I do not maintain staff to process insurance claims, requests or denials.


This means that Koseli Health consult fees will be cash, “out-of-pocket”, rendered at or before time of service. 

A word on insurance and why KHC is "out of network"

Our current insurance based, conventional health care system is undeniably important for acute care, and it saves lives. It covers basic health screening and disease management, drives key public health initiatives, and it connects people to important social services.

​Primary care physicians are some of the most caring, hard working people on the front lines, but many find themselves working in a broken system that can feel more like "damage control" than truly getting people healthy and well. Our insurance based "health care" system is really more of a "sick care" system, driving rushed clinic visits focused on drugs and procedures to suppress symptoms and “manage” diseases, creating "patients for life," rather than investing time and resources to dig deep and get to the root so that you can GET WELL and STAY WELL.

Insurance companies dictate how doctors spend time with patients and what services are covered. Doctors are forced to spend more time checking boxes and looking at computer screens than they actually spend focusing on the patient.

At Koseli Health Collective,  my focus will be on YOU, rather than insurance companies.

Can Aimee Spencer, PA-C, be my primary care provider?


Your healthcare is a team effort, and Functional Medicine plays a different position on this “team.”  My mission is to educate you on your body’s signals and help you reach your goals as an ongoing consultant.  Typical results are achieved from 3-6 months of dedicated collaboration.

I require that all patients retain a primary care provider to handle ordering of important screening tests (like mammograms, colonoscopies, etc).  As a consultant, I do not provide urgent/same-day care that might require immediate assistance or hospitalization.  If permitted, I’ll happily communicate our findings to your PCP to provide a seamless approach to your overall healthcare.


This is a private solo practice currently accepting new consultations and those who seek to transfer care.   Please call me to arrange an appointment. It is important that appointment times are scheduled in advance, so I can give each person my undivided attention.  If requested, I can provide an invoice with the appropriate coding for you to submit to your insurance.

All established patients have an easy and convenient patient portal.  Here you can communicate securely and directly with me, review your lab results, upload documents for  review, update your current supplements and medications, enter home vitals, review handouts and much more.

This is a solo practice, and as such, I do not have a receptionist or office staff. Calls will be checked several times daily and emails and text communication once daily, except on weekends.  For simple questions, emails or texts are preferable and will not have a charge.   You can send messages through the Portal. If there are frequent or extensive emails that require multiple responses or research outside of an office visit, I would recommend a follow up visit. Legally, I can only offer health advice to patients that are part of my office practice at Koseli Health. 

**Please seek assistance at the Emergency room or Urgent Care for medical emergencies.

How do I get started?

Please first complete this form and then I will reach out to find a time to connect.  I find it best to talk first to be sure we are a good fit. This is a free call, and is typically 15 minutes. I appreciate your consideration that this free call is not an avenue for medical advice.

Late Policy

Your commitment to your health and your appointment time is necessary for us to have a successful healing partnership.  I am here to guide you, but I cannot do the work for you. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule a new patient appointment, please notify me within 48 hours.  If it is not cancelled within 48 hours, I will request for you to pre-pay for the visit if you choose to reschedule.

If you are an established patient, please notify me within 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.    

I  am happy to see you virtually, so it should be easier to keep appointments!

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